University of Maine at Augusta

This example consists of 9 sections using our side bar navigation, engaging movement, including multiple videos, photography and quizzes to keep the your student engaged.

Ohio University

Featuring a unique branded template design, this example online orientation helps new students successfully prepare for – and transition into – an unfamiliar university environment.

Long Beach City College

This example orientation for community college students includes information detailing:

  • Academic Expectations
  • Student Support Services
  • Academic Resources
  • Rights & Responsibilities
  • Campus Life

Santa Barbara Community College Orientation

This example online orientation is designed to introduce new community college students to campus resources, policies, and the tools they need to successfully transition into their new learning environment.

Oregon State University Orientation

Geared towards freshmen and transfer students entering a new university setting, this example orientation consists of six sections:

  • Academics at OSU
  • Your Online Services
  • Class Scheduling
  • Paying Your Bill
  • Your Success
  • Campus Resources