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Comevo’s DiscoverTM Dynamic Q&A Tool helps students quickly and easily find answers to their questions—and lets staff focus upon more important tasks.

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Eliminate the need to answer the same questions asked over and over again

In every department across campus, term after term, staff must repeatedly answer the same questions from students. When you add up how much time it takes, it’s natural to wish there was a better way.

Dynamic Q&A is a win-win for both Administration and Students


Today’s students expect to find answers to their questions online. Lengthy, unhelpful FAQ pages are too time intensive and don’t always have the answers students want. Using Discover, a student types in a question, Discover quickly matches the question with the same question (or a short-list of closely related questions) that have already been asked and answered by administration. Keywords make it faster, more accurate and easier to find the right answer.


Administrative Staff

Administrators always have full control over what questions and answers are in the database, as well as editing control over how the questions and responses are worded. The result: quick, convenient, accurate information that serves both students and staff.

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