Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College Increases Orientation Program Participation

OCtech exponentially increased the number of students who participated in Online Orientation, while also dramatically increasing the number who attended their on-campus orientation. By implementing an orientation model that harnesses the power of technology while maintaining an effective, personal on-campus program, OCtech now successfully reaches all their students.

IIT Stuart Dramatically Enhances Their Orientation Effectiveness

IIT Stuart was able to save everyone considerable time and effort by providing all the answers online in their orientation. International students are now able to complete their orientations before they even arrive in the country, and can re-read the information and view videos multiple times, which is extremely helpful to students whose first language may not be English.

Ferris State Increases its Reach Using Comevo's Launch Online Orientation

With several campuses and a diversity of students, Ferris State University took advantage of Comevo’s LaunchTM Online Orientation Software Decision PathForks feature to create a unique, customized online orientation experience for each of its different campuses.