Comevo Awards $6000 in Scholarships to Deserving College Students

October 8, 2018

Comevo Awards $6,000 in Scholarships to Deserving College Students

San Luis Obispo, CA – California software company, Comevo, has awarded scholarships to deserving college students as part of their annual giving program to help students interested in higher education reach their goals. “Working in the higher education industry, we see the challenges students face while trying to achieve a degree. One major obstacle is the cost of higher education. This program is one way we can give back and have an impact on a student’s life,” commented Comevo spokesperson Christine Sommer.

Over the four years the program has been in place, hundreds of students have applied for the scholarships. Of the more than 350 applicants for the 2018 scholarship program, two community college students and two university students have been selected to receive allocations.
Ethan Gallant of Moraine Valley Community College and Michelle Blanco of West Hills Community College have each been awarded $1,000 scholarships. “I’m blessed to not only have been given this opportunity, but to have been chosen as a recipient as well. I plan on using [the scholarship] towards my nursing school expenses which will greatly help alleviate the financial stress of myself and my parents,” says Blanco.

Aaron Gutierrez of California State University Fullerton and Jessa Canlas of the University of Illinois at Chicago are each $2,000 scholarship award recipients. “I plan on using this scholarship to […] help me cover costs associated with the completion of my academic internships in the fall and spring where I hope to put the skills I’ve learned in my field of study to the test and get real-world, hands-on experience,” says Gutierrez.

The applicants are judged on a number of factors including GPA, financial means, extra curricular activities, leadership roles, work involvement, and a short essay question. The application period for the 2019 scholarship program will begin in January.

Headquartered in San Luis Obispo, California, Comevo is a software company dedicated to cultivating technology that will serve the staff and students at colleges and universities throughout North America. Our definitive product is not software; it is helping staff streamline communication processes that are more effective, which ultimately helps students succeed.


A Day Without Immigrants


To my community,

I would like to take a moment to keep you all up to date with the responses to “A Day Without Immigrants”. With very few exceptions, your response has been overwhelmingly positive. From the replies on our social media, the notices in the Tribune, the KSBY web site, and the amazing responses by our guests, I guess doing what I consider the right thing by my staff, well, it was a good thing.

I would like to take a moment to thank the individuals that took the time to write notes supporting us, but their names are way too many, and some of your handwriting is almost as bad as mine! However, we would like to send out a big thank you to Comevo, Inc. I had never heard of them before. Comevo is a local software company, they called me and asked if they could pay our staff for the days wages that they missed! Talk about paying it forward! None of you need to hear my sob story about how thin the margins are in restauranting, we all have our own load to bear, but there was just no way that we could pay the staff for the day that we were closed. Due to the generosity of Comevo, all staff members who missed work on “A Day Without Immigrants” have been paid their hourly wages for that day. So, a Big Sky thank you to Scott, Chistine and the rest of the team at Comevo.

As a central coast local, Lompoc born and raised, I cannot begin to

thank all of you enough for supporting our restaurant. We shall do our best to continue to make “real food by real people” supporting our local farmers and trying to make good choices with our actions. I don’t want to be anything but a cook. Politics is not my game/goal, but sometimes we all have to make a stance.

Now, please, let me get back to feeding you folks, cuz’ that’s way more fun than this other stuff!

Cheers, Greg

Greg Holt, Chef/Owner, Big Sky Cafe

Comevo Announces Scholarships

Online Orientation Software Company To Offer Three $1500 Scholarships


(SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA)    Comevo, a San Luis Obispo-based company that creates online-orientation software for colleges, universities and vocational schools, has announced that they will offer three $1500 financial scholarships to students attending school in the Fall 2015 term.

According to Leslie Coe, Director of Operations, this is the first year Comevo has granted scholarships. “Our company is staffed by people who care very deeply about helping students succeed.” Coe said. “Knowing that there are many bright, deserving students who may not be able to continue their schooling without financial assistance, these scholarships just seemed like the most meaningful way to help.”

Coe said one scholarship will be presented to a student attending a university, one to a student attending community college, and one to a student attending a trade/vocational school in the United States. The deadline for applications is June 30, 2015.

Comevo LLC is the leading provider online orientation for Higher Education. Comevo streamlines and enhances communication between organizations and their constituents. Comevo offers cloud software services with engaging multimedia, 24/7 accessibility, consistent delivery, fast deployment, and monitored results.

Visit, call Christine Sommer at 800/748-0975 x807, or email

NODA Review April 2015

NODA Review April 2015

Best Practices for Online Orientation
By: Katie Colombo and Christine Sommer, Comevo LLC

Orientation is the first stepping-stone in a student’s educational experience. Developing a relevant and effective orientation program is crucial to ensuring both institution and student goals are met. Online Orientation not only caters to today’s digital native students, but it provides convenience, consistency, and data-driven improvements. For those students who are unable to make the in person orientation, often due to costs involved, they still need an orientation to ensure their success.
After the initial step of deciding to move forward with online orientation, the next step is developing the content. Comevo’s experience in the online orientation industry – coupled with feedback from current customers — has enabled us to develop a set of best practices to consider when developing and implementing online orientation.

1. Add Variety
Cater to the millennial generation by including a wide variety of multimedia, and utilize a diverse colors, texts, images, audio recordings, and videos to aide in comprehension and retention of information.

2.  Keep it Short & Sweet
As attention spans continue to shrink, providing only necessary information is as important as ever. Utilize bullet points to make information more digestible.

3. Quiz Them
Utilize quizzes to reinforce important content and ensure comprehension. Most schools surveyed require a passing rate of 70%-85%.

4. Introduce Resources to Succeed
Provide additional information that incoming students will need to meet his/her goals, including club, sports, library, tutoring, and financial resources.

5. Diversify Speakers
A variety of presenters will hold students’ attention more effectively than by just using one speaker.

6. Collect Data
Your reporting program should allow you to track completion, pace, questions right/wrong and commonly missed questions. Orientation data can be used to improve next years program as well as other programs around campus.
As a market leader in the online orientation software industry, Comevo provides @school online orientation™ software services, support and resources to develop an effective orientation program. For more resources on online orientation for higher education, visit Comevo’s Blog.

Comevo LLC and VolunteerHub Unite to Bring the Non-Profit Industry the “Best in Class” in Online Training for Volunteers

San Luis Obispo, CA – April 2, 2014 – Comevo LLC, the leading provider in the online orientation software industry and VolunteerHub, the leading volunteer online management software provider for nonprofits, announced on Monday a mutually beneficial partnership in the volunteer online training software industry.

Comevo’s services will satisfy VolunteerHub’s clients’ need for effective volunteer training software online, while saving the clients both time and money.  The partnership will allow Comevo to expand further into the volunteer training industry and VolunteerHub to grow as an online training solution provider.

When it comes to its customers, VolunteerHub wants to offer the best in class in online volunteer training and they feel Comevo will provide that.

“We are pleased to partner with VolunteerHub and provide a solution to help their clients,” said Doug Sawyer, Comevo’s Business Director. “They have a virtual scheduling and management software in addition to other products that they sell and have partnered with us so that they don’t have to spend their energy in this area and can focus on their other service offerings. They will continue to sell their virtual orientation software and we will support it.”

“Comevo fills a need for many of our clients in the nonprofit sector,” said Corbit Harrison, Vice President of Business Development for VolunteerHub. “Training volunteers is an essential step in reducing churn and increasing engagement. Comevo helps our customers do just that.”

The collaboration between Comevo and VolunteerHub will allow clients to streamline communication with volunteers by utilizing tailored management tools and convenient online training software.

To learn more about Comevo and its volunteer online orientation and training services, visit  For more information on VolunteerHub and its cloud-based approach to online volunteer management, visit

About Comevo LLC

Comevo strives to be the leading global provider of technology based support service tools that streamline the communication and enhance the relationships between organizations and their constituents. Comevo offers service tools to streamline communication with engaging multimedia, 24/7 accessibility, consistent delivery, fast deployment, and monitored results. 

About VolunteerHub

VolunteerHub (a product of Carr Engineering, Inc.) is a leading volunteer management software used by non-profits and other event-focused organizations. CRM integration, virtual kiosk, mobile compatibility, and event-specific landing pages make it easier to engage, recruit, and manage more volunteers. Since 1996, VolunteerHub has helped organizations manage over 5 billion volunteer hours and process millions of users and events.

Offer Students a Non-Cognitive Learning Assessment for Media Rich Courses During Online Student Orientation

Announced Today – Together, Comevo and SmarterServices offer customers a vehicle to maximize student success and retention by measuring learner readiness and non-cognitive skills through an intuitive orientation.