Headquartered in San Luis Obispo, California, Comevo is a software company dedicated to cultivating technology that will serve the staff and students at colleges and universities throughout North America. Our definitive product is not software; it is helping staff streamline communication processes that are more effective, which ultimately helps students succeed.

Mission Statement

To cultivate technology that streamlines and enhances communication.


Our Vision

Comevo’s vision is to lead the Higher Education market in rewarding partnership experiences by connecting our clients with their students.

Core Values

Act Together

  • Challenge and encourage each other
  • Listen to, respect and trust each other
  • Embrace each other’s differences as strengths
  • Act with integrity
  • Value and appreciate all opinions

Be Yourself

  • Encourage each other to be our unique selves
  • Strive to be happy, healthy and well balanced
  • Approach work with a measure of lightheartedness
  • Recognize our actions affect both ourselves and the company

Own It

  • Ask why
  • Be curious
  • Seek smarter solutions
  • Be proactive
  • Focus on the outcome

Keep Evolving

  • Celebrate our advancements
  • Seek improvement
  • See mistakes as learning opportunities
  • Push past our personal barriers