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Online Student Orientation for Student Success: Learn how Comevo's @school Online Orientation software service can support SSSP initiatives for new and transfer students as well as the online needs of other departments (Campus SaVE, Financial Aid, International, HR on-boarding, etc.)

Thursday, February 12th: 11 AM (PST) or

Thursday, March 12th: 11 AM (PDT) or

Friday, April 10th: 11 AM (PDT)

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Best Practices for Online Orientation: Learn the Do's and Don'ts for creating engaging content for online orientation from Comevo, the leading provider of online orientation software.

Thursday, January 29th, 2015: 12:00 (PST)

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Content is King: How to Keep it Relevant: Nobody wants to waste time learning subjects that don't apply to you. Learn how to organize your content and utilize a popular Comevo software feature to keep your content real for your audience.  

February 25th, 2015 12:00PM (PST)

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Linking Software Together for Efficiency and Flow: This is a technical subject presented for the non-technical user. Learn how you can integrate and interface multiple software solutions to create the user expereince your audience expects as well as automating your process.  

March 25th, 2015 10:00AM (PDT)

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Easy to implement. Easy to use. Easy to update. Comevo’s versatile @school Online Orientation™ software offers big benefits to both students and staff.
24/7 Online Access for Every Student
Students get instant access anytime to a cutting-edge, user-friendly, interactive online orientation program that gives them clear, comprehensive information they’ll need to navigate their way through their higher education experiences. They complete the orientation at their own pace, and have the opportunity to demonstrate what they’ve learned with a quiz following each section. 
Flexible, User-Friendly Design for Staff
Staff get a completely customized, flexible software program that is simple to set up and maintain, and integrates seamlessly with existing campus software. Designed to allow you to easily incorporate text, images, video, audio, PDF links, or other website links, the @school Online Orientation software allows staff to effortlessly create, edit and manage content without the involvement of your IT department.
Students get a robust orientation program that they can refer to throughout their college years. Unburdened by the task of answering common questions over and over again, staff get more time to spend with individual students addressing more important needs. It’s a win-win for your whole campus.



Would you like one service that can be used by all departments? Learn more about our Enterprise Program and how it can benefit you.

What does the Student Success Act mean for your college? Learn more about how we can meet mandatory oriention requirements. 


Benefits for International and Transfer Students

For international and transfer students, orientation is one of the most important tools in becoming familiar with a new school. However, due to geographical restraints, traditional “in-person” methods of orientation can exclude these students. Comevo's Online Orientation software allows students to access the same orientation at any time, from any place. Comevo's software also offers a multi-language feature, further bridging the gap between international students and foreign schools. 





  • Convenient 24/7 access

  • Mobile-friendly HTML programming

  • Cost-effective saving valuable time,  money, resources, and environment

  • Customizable orientation with engaging content, quizzes and tests

  • Maintain full control over editing content

  • Increase student retention