@school Online Orientation™ Software

Reach All Students Online

With Comevo's @school Online Orientation™, not only can you evaluate if the students comprehend your school's new student orientation, you can make the process an exciting, interactive online experience. Incorporate text, images, video, audio, PDF links as well as website links to prove you're a technological leader in higher education. In addition, our service allows you to create, edit and manage content without the involvement of your IT staff.

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Benefits for International and Transfer Students

For international and transfer students, orientation is one of the most important tools in becoming familiar with a new school. However, traditional methods of orientation like "in-person" programs can exclude these students, due to geographical restraints. Comevo's Online Orientation Software allows students to access the same convenient orientation anytime, anywhere. Comevo's software also offers a multi-language feature, further bridging the gap between international students and foreign schools. 

The Challenges of Orientation

If you're like most colleges, you'd like to reduce cost and increase efficiency in your orientation of new students, but aren't really sure where to begin. Your counselors want to spend their time helping students prepare for their college career and the rest of their lives, not filling out paperwork. Automate what can be automated and make your live interaction with your students all that more meaningful. Comevo's online orientation for school is the answer.


  • Convenient 24/7 access

  • Mobile-friendly HTML programming

  • Cost-effective saving valuable time,  money, resources, and environment

  • Customizable orientation with engaging content, quizzes and tests

  • Maintain full control over editing content

  • Increase student retention