Comevo Online Orientation and Training Software

Comevo is the market leader in online orientation and training software for good reason: we help organizations communicate more effectively and efficiently. Our affordable, user-friendly software is designed to be:
  • interactive; 
  • engaging; 
  • flexible; 
  • easy to update 


Over 100 colleges, universities, hospitals and companies throughout North America rely on Comevo’s online orientation software to deliver complete, consistent information to new students and staff.

Comevo's @school Online Orientation™ software allows colleges and universities to provide incoming students with an interactive orientation experience that is completely customized for each school. Student success begins at orientation! @school Online Orientation software helps your students start their education with the information they need to succeed.

Comevo's @work Online Training™ software is a vital component of employee onboarding and training. Not only do employees receive a comprehensive, consistent online orientation to your company, but HR staff and management also benefit from a streamlined new hire process. @work Online Training™ is also a perfect fit for volunteer organizations, healthcare and government institutions. LEARN MORE...

OCtech more than doubled their reach with Comevo's @school Online Orientation
Fast Deployment

No additional software, internal IT support, nor capital expense needed.

Anytime, Anywhere

24/7 access from anywhere allows for flexible usage.

Engaging Multimedia

Video, Audio, Flash, and Images create an interactive experience.

Consistent Delivery

Reach all learners with the same consistent information no matter their location.

Monitor Results

Section Reviews and a Final Test monitor learning and confirm completion.